About Us

Music Mentoring began as a pilot in June 2017 under the name ‘tbsongwriting’. Dan had seen the direct impact of 1-1 mentoring but was interested to see if offering music as part of sessions could work. In partnership with an Essex based studio space, Dan was given referrals, mostly 15-18 yrs old and ‘NEET’ (not in education or employment) and found that incorporating music and songwriting into mentoring sessions resulted in significant improvement to self-esteem and their honesty. Where as in London he had found that new mentoring relationships often only engaged in surface level conversation for months, music provided a safe medium for youngsters to be open about their well being much sooner through lyric writing and creative expression.

An experienced musician and trained mentor with 9 years youth work experience, Dan saw the project develop after acquiring funding. This provided a studio space and equipment to be purchased and for an additional mentor to be employed.